Life, Other Than Travel Tips and Travel Blog
“The brave may not live forever,
but the cautious
do not live at all.”
— African proverb

What is Life, Other Than?

The Life, Other Than Blog chronicles a 10,000+ mile solo RV trip through North America to Alaska and back, tells the tale of a solo backpacking trip through Africa, describes what it’s like to camp on the ice in Antarctica, and lots more.  It recounts  humorous tales of everything from digestion issues to wrong turns, and is filled with descriptions of nature that will leave you in awe. It also examines serious themes of relationships and wanders through the philosophical questions about life, love, and what makes us do the stupid things we do.

In one respect, Life, Other Than is a blog about one woman’s solo travels around the world. 
More importantly, it is about escaping the life we hate in order to find the life that we are meant to live. 

My hope is that reading the Life, Other Than Blog will make you challenge your beliefs about what you think you want out of life and leave you planning your own such trip.  

To that end, this page has tons of suggestions for great trips to every continent, for every budget, and for every style of travel. There are also great travel tips, valuable RV resources, sturdy travel gear suggestions, info on how to book cheap flights, and so on.  Click through and find your own adventure, family trip, or luxury getaway.  Regardless of how you travel, the experience you get will be a cherished memory that no one can ever take from you. 

We only get one shot at life.  
One day, this author decided not to take hers for granted any longer, and neither should you.

So, j
oin me on my journey – from the comfort of your sofa, by land, by sea, or by air.