Adventure Tours:
Antarctica & The Arctic

Antarctica is adventure in its purest state.  Nearly completely uninhabited by humans, Antarctica is perhaps the most pristinely preserved ecosystem on the planet.  Visiting is a once in a lifetime experience and the abundance of wildlife can make the most exciting African safaris look mundane by comparison. 

Explore Antarctica on a 12-person exploration vessel that allows you to go where most boats are too big to go. Having only a handful of passengers means that there is more flexibility and that adventures can be tailored to suit the passengers on each and every voyage. You will also get more personal interaction with the knowledgeable crew who are more than just a bit enthusiastic about their jobs.

This adventure departs from Punta Arenas, Chile where you fly to King George Island and embark on your journey. You will cruise around the numerous islands of the Antarctic peninsula, stopping for many extended shore visits where you will see every imaginable penguin, seal, and bird. Whales often make appearances during your voyage.