Wildlfe Tours:
Antarctica & The Arctic

Antarctica is adventure in its purest state.  Nearly completely uninhabited by humans, Antarctica is perhaps the most pristinely preserved ecosystem on the planet.  It is hard to take a photo without capturing a penguin, seal, or Antarctic bird in flight.

About the only thing that can rival a wildlife trip to Antarctica is a trip to the arctic where polar bears, beluga whales, and musk ox are to be found in droves.

Visiting either of these unique places is a once in a lifetime experience and the abundance of wildlife can make the most exciting African safaris look mundane by comparison. 

Whale watching and more penguins than you can count are all part of this Antarctic Wildlife tour. You will encounter dozens of arctic bird species and witness calving glaciers during your time on the seventh continent.

This trip gets you there and back via plane, so you get to avoid the lengthy and bumpy trip across the Drake Passage and get straight to your wildlife viewing. During your trip you will have numerous opportunities to learn from the onboard lectures and presentations from the Polar specialists who will be your guides.

If you are so inclined, there is the option to camp on the Antarctic peninsula – and if you have a bit of spare time before or after your Antarctic voyage, be sure to check out the pre- and post- trip options to Easter Island, Buenos Aires, or Iguazu Falls.

Located 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge offers an amazing natural habitat polar wildlife viewing experience. It is home not only to polar bear, ringed seals, and the rarely seen musk ox, but there is also a world-class beluga whale observation site on nearby Somerset Island.

Your trip will include a visit to the Cunningham River estuary which is a seasonal home to hundreds of beluga whales, a trek across the tundra and visit ancient fossil beds, and one-of-a-kind views of the famed Northwest Passage.

Kayaking, rafting, fishing, hiking, ATV’s, and a Mercedes Unimog are all part of the trip package, but for people who want a little more adventure, fat biking and stand-up paddle boarding opportunities are also available.