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“The brave may not live forever,
but the cautious
do not live at all.”
— African proverb

What is Life, Other Than?

The Life, Other Than Blog chronicles a 10,000+ mile solo RV trip through North America to Alaska and back, tells the tale of a solo backpacking trip through Africa, describes what it’s like to camp on the ice in Antarctica, and lots more.  It recounts humorous tales of everything from digestion issues to wrong turns and is filled with descriptions of nature that will leave you in awe. It also examines serious themes of relationships and wanders through the philosophical questions about life, love, and what makes us do the stupid things we do.

In one respect, Life, Other Than is a blog about one woman’s solo travels around the world. 
More importantly, it is about escaping the life we hate in order to find the life that we are meant to live. 

My hope is that reading the Life, Other Than Blog will make you challenge your beliefs about what you think you want out of life and leave you planning your own such trip.  

To that end, this page has tons of suggestions for great trips to every continent, for every budget, and for every style of travel. There are also great travel tips, valuable RV resources, sturdy travel gear suggestions, info on how to book cheap flights, and so on.  Click through and find your own adventure, family trip, or luxury getaway.  Regardless of how you travel, the experience you get will be a cherished memory that no one can ever take from you. 

We only get one shot at life.  
One day, this author decided not to take hers for granted any longer, and neither should you.

So, j
oin me on my journey – from the comfort of your sofa, by land, by sea, or by air.


  • The RV Trip From Hell - Travel trailer parked in the driveway, preparing to load stuff.

    The RV Trip from Hell: A Rite of Passage – Part 1

      The RV Trip from Hell:  A Rite of Passage – Part 1 Anyone who has spent any time at all in an RV can appreciate this story of the RV Trip from Hell.  There is a certain rite of passage that each of us must endure in order to claim the title of “RV-er.”  […]

  • The RV Trip from Hell: A Rite of Passage – Part 2 RV Stovetop

    The RV Trip from Hell: A Rite of Passage – Part 2

    The Saga of The RV Trip from Hell Continues… *Cue Star Wars theme music* When we last left our heroes, they were just recovering from a horrible toilet disaster (see Part 1) in their first ever RV trip. Day #3:  Driving a Bomb After everything from the great RV toilet fiasco of 2010 was cleaned […]

  • The RV Trip from Hell: A Rite of Passage – Part 3 sunken trailer jack

    The RV Trip from Hell: A Rite of Passage – Part 3

    The Saga of the RV Trip from Hell Continues… *Cue Star Wars theme music* When we last left our heroes on the RV Trip from Hell, they were just recovering from having driven down a road that thrashed them around like a dragon in a Chinese street festival (see Part 2) in their first ever RV trip. […]

  • The RV Trip from Hell: A Rite of Passage - Part 4 (conclusion) Grizzly Bear

    The RV Trip from Hell: A Rite of Passage – Part 4 (Conclusion)

    AND NOW…the long-awaited conclusion of the RV Trip from Hell:  A Rite of Passage – Part 4 ***Cue Star Wars Music*** When we last left our heroes in Part 3, they were departing Glacier National Park in a dense, frozen fog after having freed their trailer from having its jack foot planted like a tree in […]

  • Pacific Storm on Washington Coast

    Living in a Wind Tunnel: Winter on the Washington Coast

    I’m from Arkansas which is part of Tornado Alley, so naturally, I’m pretty used to storms with strong winds.  Hell, I even miss them when I’ve been in an area where they don’t exist – not so much the tornadoes as the general strong winds that accompany our rather violent thunderstorms.  I had the opportunity […]

  • RV at Rest Stop - The RV Invisibility Cloak: Oh, the Things You'll See!

    The RV Invisibility Cloak: Oh, the Things You’ll See!

    Sitting on the toilet in my RV in the Walmart parking lot in Anchorage, Alaska, I watched out the windows as shoppers arrived at their cars with carts full of goodies that they stashed in backseats and trunks.  Up until then, I hadn’t really thought about the fact that I was pooping in the middle […]

  • Cheery little sign showing how to reach the Top of the World.

    My Trip to the Top of the World – Almost

    After making my way through the Crowsnest Pass in the Southern Canadian Rockies, I headed due north to Golden, British Columbia.  Lying just west of the Rockies, Golden was conveniently nestled among about 6 world-class national parks – and I heard there was whitewater rafting available.   It sounded like a pretty good place to […]

  • Fields and water in Saskatchewan

    Why I Didn’t Reach Climax

    Southern Saskatchewan is a vast area of rolling hills, tall gold and green grasses, and random lakes.  Traffic on the Trans-Canadian Highway through this area is rather sparse, and aside from the occasional farmhouse or freight train, there is not much to see. I was on my way from Regina to the Crowsnest Pass just […]

  • RV Problems: Dropped fuel tank on improvised supports made from stack jacks, a scissor jack, and leveling blocks.

    Uh-Oh! Major RV Problems

    When you travel, things go wrong.  They always go wrong. In fact, when I am counseling a person who is getting ready to undertake their first major voyage abroad for an extended period of time, one of the things I am always sure to point out is that they should expect the worst to happen.  […]

  • Looking out an airplane window

    Wanderlust: What Drives a Travel Addict

    Wanderlust: What Drives a Travel Addict We all travel for different reasons.  Some of us travel for work, others travel to see family, some of us make a ‘pilgrimage’ of sorts to see something we have always wanted to see, and some of us travel because it is expected of us when we finally get […]

  • Adjusting to RV Driving - Memphis Bound - RV driving

    Adjusting to RV Driving

    I don’t know about you guys, but road trips are a blast for me.  Put me in a car, give me the open road, and you won’t hear from me again for a good long while.  On trips where there are other people present, I’m usually the driver or contribute the lion’s share of driving.  […]

  • Is that Fire I see Out of My Backup Camera? fire seen from backup camera

    Is That Fire I See Out My Backup Camera?

    As the time to leave home in my RV grew closer, I decided that I’d throw a little get-together to say goodbye to my friends and show off the work I had done on my RV, Eddie. I posted an event on Facebook and invited my friends to come by the house, and then remembered […]

  • Free fall while skydiving

    Living in the Now – My First Skydive

    A few years back I was doing my best to cope with a life that was slowly killing me.  I was juggling so many things at once that I felt like I needed antlers on my head to wear properly all the hats I was wearing at once. I started making time for myself and […]

  • pack ice antarctica

    Pack Ice in Antarctica

    Pack ice is a condition caused by super chilled water – in the case in the picture above, it happens to be in sea water.  You can find such unusual formations in the Arctic and Antarctic.  This photo was taken when I visited Antarctica in 2004 on a trip with Quark Expeditions. Pack ice is rated […]

  • Never, ever forget to avoid ice when traveling abroad. If you do, you will pay for your mistake.

    Montezuma’s Revenge in Mérida

    Montezuma’s Revenge in Mérida When I visited Mexico in the early 2000’s, I actually had a companion with me.  This is an unusual thing since I normally travel solo.  But, I had met a guy who traveled like I did – lengthy trips, solo, and on the cheap.  We had just begun casually dating when somehow […]

  • Tan Toyota Camry Hatchback 1983

    Spring Break Trip to Canada: Cue Blizzard

    In graduate school I had a friend who was about as crazy as I was, which is saying something.  We decided one day that it would be a really cool idea to go on a road trip to Canada over spring break, which happened at the end of March.  March, still being winter in Canada, […]

  • Sometimes, you really wish there was a bush nearby instead of a public pit toilet.

    Have Loo Roll, Will Travel

    You know what is probably the most interesting thing about hardcore travelers?  One of the first things they talk about with one another are their bowel habits.  I’m not kidding. Usually, we don’t discuss whether we are constipated, have the runs, or are feeling particularly regular with anyone – let alone a near perfect stranger.  […]

  • Uninvited Guest While Camping

    The Uninvited Guest

    The Uninvited Guest While I was backpacking through Africa, the vast majority of my nights were spent in tents.  Most places I camped cost next to nothing, and since I was on a very tight budget this worked well for me.  With the exception of my visit to the municipal campground at Victoria Falls in […]

  • Don't Camp By the River Caprivi Strip Namibia

    Don’t Camp by the River

    Don’t Camp by the River Most of us like to have a scenic view of water when we go camping.  If at all possible, we will try to find a nice, level site that is right on the water.  There is something about being near water that is serene, peaceful, and calms even the most […]

  • Wall with spikes in South Africa

    Inside-Out Prison in South Africa

    While I was living in Germany after graduating college, I made a friend from South Africa.  I can’t exactly remember where we met – maybe at the Goethe Institut, maybe at the University in Goettingen.  Regardless, we occasionally spent some time together. She had a job at a local restaurant which was near my apartment, […]

  • You never know what kind of job you may land working overseas.

    Odd Jobs Overseas

    After college I went to Germany with the intention of going to grad school.  I took a number of challenging language exams, passed, and was subsequently admitted to the University of Göttingen.  In short, it didn’t work out – not because I couldn’t do the work, but because I didn’t care for the program itself.  […]

  • To make the most out of your Eurail pass, spend the night on trains.

    Traveling Europe on the Cheap:  Making the Most of Your Eurail Pass

    When I was 19 I traveled through Europe solo on the savings I had managed to earn the previous summer. I was on such a strict budget that I often did not want to pay for a room for the night.  Hanging out sleeping in alleyways was not exactly an option for me – although […]

  • Transportation, flights, airline tickets, How I got the Travel Bug

    How I got the Travel Bug

    How I Got the Travel Bug I started traveling the globe at 19 years old.  It started out as a fluke when I happened to be walking through the student union at my college near the end of my freshman year.  I looked up overhead on my way to get my mail and saw a […]